F-series, Camry continue sales domination

The F-150 Super Crew helped Ford lead pickup sales for 40th-plus year.

Blame it on lack of performance from its 132-horsepower engine and CVT transmission that the Toyota Corolla dropped almost 50,000 sales the past year, yet the good-looking compact remains the third-best-selling sedan in the country.

Dependability and style are pluses for 2018 Toyota Corolla.

Toyota’s midsize model, the Camry, on the basis of a sales surge in December, was the top-selling car in America in 2017, ahead of the Honda Civic and the Corolla. It is the 21st time in the past 22 years the Camry has led car sales in the U.S.

For sheer domination, though, climb up into the big Ford F-series, which has led truck sales for more than 40 years, dating back into the mid-1970s. Ford’s total of almost 900,000 sales (896,764) of pickups dwarfs all others – the Chevy Silverado and Ram in trucks and the Camry in cars.

With more and more consumers switching from cars to light trucks and SUV/crossovers, sales of cars and trucks in 2017 totaled 17.25 million, just short of the total of 17.55 million in 2016.

The Toyota RAV4 edged the Nissan Rogue for top spot among SUVs and crossovers, while the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Pacifica of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles outsold the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey among minivans.

The Subaru Impreza was redesigned in the past year.

Regarding the 2018 Toyota Corolla, though losing some sales to strong-performing compacts Honda Civic, Mazda3, Subaru Impreza and Ford Focus, it remains a popular choice among consumers seeking style, reliability and high fuel economy. Sized about the same as a Chevy Cruze, the Corolla provided good ride and decent maneuvering, and averaged an impressive 34.3 miles per gallon. The well-equipped XSE version, with adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking, carried sticker price of $25,337. It is assembled in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

On the plus side of sales in 2017, biggest gainers among all models were the Ford F-series and the Nissan Rogue, with increases of 76,000 and 73,000, respectively. Other major gains were by the Toyota RAV4, Chevy Equinox, Nissan Titan, Subaru Impreza, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Toyota Highlander.

The 2018 version of the hot-selling Nissan Rogue.

Sharpest drop in numbers of cars sold was by Hyundai’s midsize sedan, the Sonata, which fell from almost 200,000 sales in 2016 to 131,803 in the past year. Three other midsize models suffered sharply declined totals, including Ford Fusion, Nissan Altima and Chevy Malibu, as well as Toyota Corolla, Kia Soul and Toyota Prius in other categories.

Among four crossover models grouped within less than 200 sales apart are the Kia Niro with 27,237, the Lexus GX 27,190, Volkswagen Atlas 27,119 and Lincoln MKC 27,042.

Following are 2017’s top sellers of new cars, SUV/crossovers, trucks and vans in the U.S.:


Toyota Camry 387,081 Toyota RAV4 407,594
Honda Civic 377,280 Nissan Rogue 403,465
Toyota Corolla 329,196 Honda CR-V 377,895
Honda Accord 322,655 Ford Escape 308,296
Nissan Altima 254,996 Chevrolet Equinox 290,458
Nissan Sentra 218,431 Ford Explorer 271,131
Ford Fusion 209,623 Jeep Grand Cherokee 240,696
Hyundai Elantra 198,210 Toyota Highlander 215,775
Chevrolet Malibu 185,857 Jeep Wrangler 190,522
Chevrolet Cruze 184,751 Subaru Outback 188,886
Ford Focus 158,385 Subaru Forester 177,563
Hyundai Sonata 131,803 Jeep  Cherokee 169,882
Volkswagen Jetta 118,807 Ford Edge 142,603
Kia Forte 117,596 Hyundai Santa Fe 133,171
Kia Soul 115,712 Toyota 4Runner 128,296
Toyota Prius 108,662 Mazda CX-5 127,563
Kia Optima 107,493 Honda Pilot 127,279
Nissan Versa 106,772 Chevrolet Traverse 123,506
Dodge Charger 88,351 Hyundai Tucson 114,735
Subaru Impreza 86,043 GMC Acadia 111,276
Ford Mustang 81,806 Subaru Crosstrek 110,138
Mercedes C class 77,477 Lexus RX 108,307
Chevrolet Impala 75,877 Jeep Renegade 103,434
Mazda3 75,018 Kia Sorento 99,684
Volkswagen Golf 68,978 Chevrolet Tahoe 98,961
Chevrolet Camaro 67,940 Honda HR-V 94,034
Nissan Maxima 67,627 Dodge Journey 89,470
Dodge Challenger 64,537 Buick Encore 88,035
Volkswagen Passat 60,722 GMC Terrain 85,441
BMW 3 series 59,449 Jeep Compass 83,253
Hyundai Accent 58,955 Nissan Pathfinder 81,065
Lexus ES 51,396 Chevrolet Trax 79,289
Chrysler 300 51,237 Nissan Murano 76,732
Subaru Legacy 49,837 Kia  Sportage 72,824
Mercedes E class 49,473 Dodge Durango 68,761
Honda Fit 49,454 Cadillac XT5 68,312
Ford Fiesta 46,249 Lexus NX 59,341
Toyota Yaris 44,380 Audi Q5 57,640
Ford Taurus 41,236 Chevrolet Suburban 56,516
Infiniti Q50 40,739 Acura MDX 54,886
BMW 5 series 40,658 Mercedes GLE 54,595
BMW 4 series 39,634 Ford Expedition 51,863
Acura TLX 34,846 Acura RDX 51,295
Audi A4 34,434 BMW X5 50,815
Mazda6 33,402 GMC  Yukon 49,153
Toyota Avalon 32,583 Mercedes GLC 48,643
Mini Cooper 32,241 Buick Enclave 48,564
Subaru WRX 31,358 Volkswagen Tiguan 46,983
Chevrolet Sonic 30,290 Buick Envision 41,040
Tesla Model S 28,800 Jeep Patriot 40,735
Lincoln MKZ 27,387 BMW X3 40,691
Lexus IS 26,482 Infiniti QX60 40,444
Audi Q7 38,346
TRUCKS Nissan Armada 35,667
Ford F-series 896,764 Mitsubishi Outlander 35,409
Chevrolet Silverado 585,864 GMC Yukon XL 35,059
Ram 500,723 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 33,160
GMC Sierra 217,943 Mercedes GLS 32,248
Toyota Tacoma 198,124 Lincoln MKX 31,031
Toyota Tundra 116,285 Volvo XC90 30,996
Chevrolet Colorado 112,996 BMW X1 30,826
Nissan Frontier 74,360 Kia Niro 27,237
Nissan Titan 52,924 Lexus GX 27,190
Honda Ridgeline 34,749 Volkswagen Atlas 27,119
GMC Canyon 32,106 Lincoln MKC 27,042
Toyota C-HR 25,755
VANS Mazda CX-9 25,825
Ford Transit Cargo 127,360 Mercedes GLA 24,104
Dodge Grand Caravan 125,196 Cadillac Escalade 22,994
Chrysler Pacifica 118,274 Volvo XC60 22,516
Toyota Sienna 111,489 Ford Flex 22,389
Honda Odyssey 100,307 Porsche Macan 21,429
Chevrolet Express 69,164
Ford E-series 53,304
Dodge ProMaster 40,483
GMC Savana 29,679
Mercedes Sprinter 27,415
Kia Sedona 23,815
Nissan NV200 18,602
Nissan NV 17,858
Dodge ProMaster City 15,584
Mercedes Metris 7,579
Nissan Quest 4,950