2600 Cars and a Dog Sled


Colorado Journalist, Bud Wells, Releases New Book:

2600 Cars and a Dog Sled

Revving up the excitement just in time for the holidays, Bud Wells, longtime Colorado automotive journalist and aficionado, unveils his latest book: 2600 Cars and a Dog Sled. This book promises to be a game-changer for car enthusiasts and those looking to embrace Bud’s interesting history and 67 years in the newspaper industry.

Exploring the roads less traveled and the highways that wind through the majestic Rocky Mountains and beyond, 2600 Cars and a Dog Sled is more than just a book – it’s Bud’s journey.

To know Bud is to know his love of cars and we invite you to explore the brand new book at www.BudWellsBooks.com  As his wife, Jan, always says: “Bud can remember every single car he’s ever driven.” The book is a lovely reflection on Bud’s years in the Colorado newspaper industry and his love of cars. Full of Bud’s dynamic driving experiences, industry anecdotes and featuring prominent Coloradoans detailing their favorite cars to Bud – we know you’ll love it.

Bud’s 1st Car:  1948 Ford V8 2-door sedan
Bud & Jan Wells

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