Trucks, SUV/crossovers near 80% of 2023 sales

The Sierra AT4X pickup helped the GMC brand to a strong sales year in 2023. (Bud Wells photos)

Among pickup and crossover models posting major gains in ’23 were:

One of biggest sales gains of past year was that of the Honda CR-V.

  • Ford F-Series,
  • Chevy Trax,
  • Honda Civic and CR-V,
  • Infiniti QX60,
  • Nissan Rogue,
  • Subaru Forester and
  • Tesla Model Y.

The sharp dropoff in popularity of four-door and two-door sedans and the declining number of those nameplates available were reflected in the fact only 10 cars models sold more than 100,000 units for the year; 10 years ago, in 2013, 23 car models surpassed the 100,000-mark in sales.

Top sellers the past year were:

  • Toyota Camry for cars,
  • Fords F-Series for trucks,
  • Toyota RAV4 for SUVs/crossovers and
  • Chrysler Pacifica for minivans;

all four are repeat winners from a year ago.

Among pony cars, Ford Mustang outsold the Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro, after finishing second to the Challenger the past two years. The Jeep Wrangler retained its lead over the strong, relatively new Ford Bronco, 156,581 to 105,665.

Consistent in sales were three Subaru crossovers – the Outback with 161,814, the Crosstrek with 159,193 and the Forester with 152,566.

Following are sales by model category for 2023: